In English, it’s supposed to be “Macedonian”, but in Makedonian, it’s Македонски, so what gives :)

My second CouchSurfer (May 2012, the weekend after my first, which was Lithuanian) came from Macedonia (the country, not the part that is now part of Greece). I think he must be a very unusual specimen, because he did not talk about Alexander the Great all the time, and that he was in fact Macedonian, you know! ;) We played a Language Hunting session in Makedonian, with two cups. I did a kind of demonstration session, explaining many of the main techniques (»This is the most important technique! […] This is also the most important technique!« etc. :) I learned that Makedonian and Lithuanian use a very similar word for “full”: “полна” vs. “pilna”. No idea if this is by accident, but it got me intrigued to try out some of the other languages in the European East. Maybe I can find a Russian speaker. Also, the common Indo-European root always shines through, be it Persian, Lithuanian or Makedonian: I don’t think it’s an accident that both Makedonian and Persian first person singular verbs end with “-am”, and the letter “n” seems to be involved in negation more or less everywhere within that realm.

toa e prasna čaša. jas sakam polna čaša!