I’m planning to do a Spanish group in Cologne later this year, and strangely enough I did my first Spanish session some days ago. We were three, and it was quite late at night: Me, an Austrian (B) and an Argentinian (S) couch surfer. I forgot to record the session, and my memory of it is quite sketchy; but we got to want/have. B knows Italian, which seems to have helped her; she got everything quite fast, and in the end it was S that was very confused, mostly by not being able to sign together with his Spanish.

It’s nice to note that Spanish is easier than Portuguese when doing “mine/your”; in Portuguese it’s »isso é a minha caneta« (“female”), but »isso é o meu cão« (“male”), while in Spanish it’s »esto es mi marcador« (“male”) vs. »esto es mi piedra« (“female”). So it should not be necessary to only use items of one gender in Spanish, like I do in German (and maybe also in Portuguese, I’ll have to check this later).

As S spoke in his Argentinian dialect (where eg llama is pronounced “shama”), we afterwards taught him a sentence or two in B’s heavy Austrian accent (“I wüh schlohfn”) :)