Japanese: Makudonarudo

I’ve been doing Japanese/German sessions with Ben for the last weeks, and I love every moment of it! While my effort these days is focused on learning Cantonese, I found that at this point, starting Japanese does not interfere notably. We’re mostly doing the classic WAYK setup, playing with two pens, a rock and a stick. For the last time, we have been doing numbers, which are a bit complicated in Japanese. Ben is adding to the WAYK Wiki, and putting a lot of work into treading the path for Japanese, and I’m very happy to help him, and learn a beautiful language on the way. We started recording the early sessions, but ran into technical problems (see the totally unsynced audio here). Maybe we will take on this habit again in the future.

I actually find Japanese a formidable pastime to get a break from Cantonese, because for some reason it comes to me much more easily. Maybe it’s the lack of tones, and the longer words, complete with endings like I’m used from European languages. For sure one part is that Ben is a great teacher :)


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