Monthly Archives: September 2012

We currently have two CouchSurfers, a couple from Hungary and Nepal, respectively. I played with the Hungarian girl for almost two hours at noon, and recorded it, so I’ll write about it later; Then in the evening, at about 9pm during dinner R. from Nepal asked me to try out the technique. I first told them during eating it’s not a good set-up, but then did a demo with some props on the table, a cup, a bowl and a spoon. His girlfriend knew some of the techniques from the earlier session, so although she was very hesitant, I could encourage her to do some rounds of “Make Me Say Yes” herself, with me guiding her first more, then less. Unfortunately I couldn’t find my audio recorder for the Nepali session, so I’ll write down what’s still in my mind.

Nepali is an Indo-European language, so related to Sanskrit and some modern Indian, and for example Slavic, Romance and Germanic languages. They don’t have a word for “yes”, but instead seem to say “is” or “is not” for yes/no, similar to Latin at one point. We played for about 15 minutes, getting up to mine/your/his/her (at least two genders in Nepali) and “Make Me Say Yes/No”. I was very proud at my ability to gently but determinedly stifle any attempts by R. to talk about the language, who always wanted to do it “his” way, while his girlfriend, that knew parts of it already, had great fun telling him too that he should trust my path. Lesson learned: it’s always good to have some people around that have had at least some contact with the technique if some newcomer thinks his technique is the only path to salvation :)